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Photo by Kelly West


I’m Kim Hudson, a graphic artist and marketing consultant living in Austin, Texas. My passion is creating high-level, brand-focused, graphic design targeting business to business or consumer communication. I would love to harness my knowledge and experience to create effective branding campaigns and to develop eye-catching printed collateral for your company. 


I’m known for constant organization, leadership and accountability – and communicating that the project is under control. I am highly adaptable showing grace under fire, Plan B doesn’t even make me blink. My time management skills are second to none. I have a proven track record of meticulous project management from start to finish with results delivered right on time. I have a can-do attitude and enthusiasm for making small to medium businesses shine. Call or email me now to discuss how I can deliver for your company, I would love to work with you! 

Kim Hudson received not only a double major in graphic arts and business marketing from Colorado State, she also earned 4 years of professional graphics work experience at the Colorado Water Institute as the Art Director and Designer of its pre-eminent bi-monthly magazine publication. Moving to Austin had been a lifelong dream and now Kim spends every free moment reveling in the wealth of outdoor running, hiking, and paddle boarding venues it offers.

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