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Hey there! My name is Kim Hudson, and I'm a senior designer and design director based in Austin, Texas. I love working on branding, publication, & print and UX web design.


A portion of the design work featured in this portfolio was created in collaboration with CreativePickle, a creative agency based in Austin, Texas. Since 2017, I have been honored to play various roles in the team, including Visual Designer, Senior Designer, and Designer Director.

I attribute many of my core skillsets as a designer to my time working with Kim. As my mentor, she was the pinnacle of strategic work ethic, effective project management, and dedicated leadership. Kim encouraged me to take pride in my work, a quality she continues to demonstrate herself and taught me to own a relentless attention to detail that refines my designs to this day. I would highly recommend Kim as both a talented designer and a potent mentor.

– Co-worker at Colorado Water Institute

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