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High Horse Triple Sec

High Horse Premium Triple Sec is a citrus-infused liquor distilled right in the heart of Texas. The brand was established to address the need for locally crafted Triple Sec, an essential ingredient in classic cocktails, such as the margarita. 


We worked closely with our client to create a unique brand identity including the logo, packaging, website, and promotional materials. Drawing inspiration from the brand's Texan heritage, our team designed a packaging that blends rustic charm with contemporary sophistication, making it a standout product on store shelves. 

In recognition of our efforts, the label's packaging design was honored with an award in the Best Packaging Design in GDUSA’s American Graphic Design Awards Issue in 2022.

This work was done in collaboration with CreativePickle. Dorie Pickle (Creative Director), Diane Tyler (Graphic Designer), Ben Pickle (Web Developer), and Jodi Egerton (Project Manager).


Logo Design

Brand Identity

Package Design

Custom Website

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